Biography Of Muhammed Rashid Azam


Late Muhammad Rashid Azam(1976-2019) محمد راشد اعظم was a famous Naat Reciter of Pakistan. His impressive and simple personality was the reason of his popularity. He was the most respectable and appreciated Naats Khawn because of unique style and humble personality.

Early Life

Muhammed Rashid Azam was Born on 19th of December 1976 in Karachi. From his childhood he started reciting Naats. It had been the Islamic Environment in his home, His father Muhammed Abdul Latif(Late) was a good naat reciter and with the support and aid of his respectable brother(Rais Azam) he entered the planet of Naatkhuwani. Where he employed to go and read the praises of the Hazrat Muhammed صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم.. Rashid Azam has been reciting naat since his childhood under the supreme guidance of his elder brother Raees Azam after becoming the disciple of Moin Khan Qadri in 1988 and learnt the art of naat then he finally started his journey and collected blessings and popularity from the heaven. His benefactor Ghulam Yassin Qadri (Late) also introduced him in a great number of Mahafil. In 1992 he left competing in Mahafil so that he could centralize his audio cassettes. He associated with Radio Pakistan in 1988 and recited first naat in a program called “BUCHON KI DUNYA”. Due to his interpersonal and intrapersonal skills he kept on stepping ahead in his field. His naats were recorded by different t.v channels like PTV, STN, NTM, ARY, QTV and other.


Rashid Azam was the first Naat Reciter or Inventor of many new things in the field of Naat, that are being used by Naat reciters today.

Rashid Azam Death

Muhammed Rashid Azam suffered a heart attack on September 12, 2019 when he was going home after attending a naat program in Karachi. He was taken to National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases(NICVD) Karachi، Where doctors suggested a bypass operation. At the hospital, he also suffered from waterlogging in his lungs then he was shifted on ventilator for supporting breath.

His bypass operation was done on 19th Sept. 2019, after a successful surgery on around 7 hours he was shifted to ICU. His condition was continously critical. On 23rd Sept. 2019 around 4:30pm He passed away.